Monthly meetings

NAM meets on the second Tuesday of every month and provides an opportunity to get together with your mates and like minded people, catch up on any club news and provide any feedback you may have. Details are...

During the summer months, the meetings are informal and may take the form of rideouts, BBQ's or chip shop runs etc.

During winter months, the meetings will generaly include talks on biking and other related/interesting topics. These talks are usualy presented by invited guest speakers.

The following is a preliminary timetable of forth coming meetings, but please note that like NAM itself, many of the speakers are presenting on a voluntary basis and for various reasons may have to postpone or cancel at very short notice.

NAM Meetings 2023

When Where What
Tuesday 10 January The Station

Enjoy the first meeting of 2023 - with a social event - come along and chat with your motorbiking friends

Tuesday 14 February The Station

Chat about marking junctions on a rideout

NAM Meetings 2022

When Where What
13 June Drift Cafe

Ride in to Drift Cafe.

This months meeting is a ride in to the Drift Cafe near Cresswell. Make your own way and we'll see you there.

Tuesday 12 July The Station Hotel

This months meeting is at The Station Hotel in Killingworth. We may be treated to a BBQ, but if not they have a reasonable menu with meals around the £10 mark.

There is good parking so bring the bike and we'll see you there.

Tuesday 9 August The Station Hotel

This months meeting is a social meeting so come along for a bit of a chat and some banter.

Tuesday 13 September The Station Hotel

This months meeting is a quiz night.

Tuesday 11 October The Station Hotel

A talk by Chris Howell on crash Helmets.

Tuesday 8 November The Station Hotel

The NAM Annual General Meeting.

Tuesday 13 December The Station Hotel

NAM Christmas Party